Signs of Spring

One of the (many) things I love about living on Salt Spring Island is the early signs of spring. We have had very warm weather the past few weeks and already there are signs of spring popping up in our yard (she says cautiously – as it is only January!).

Signs of spring

Signs of spring

I have also compressed the next layer of weaving on the Earth Loom getting ready to put some fresh new greens and inspiration into the weaving.

Signs of spring

It is interesting to see the slow evolution of this weaving on the Earth Loom. The bottom layer is now brown and dried, the newer layer is still quite green (with red ribbons from Christmas), but I imagine it will brown over time as it dries out. A new layer of green to be added over the next weeks and months.

I’m imagining that at some point this weaving will be taken off the loom and that I will hang it in the garden, perhaps on a fence and start a new weaving – all in good time. This reminds me of some things that I have recently been reading on Slow Cloth (be sure to check out the related post linked from the blog).

Happy Weaving,

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  1. karen
    karen says:

    Morning Terri
    I enjoy – and look forward to – the updates on the Earth loom; the transient qualities of the weaving as well as the loom (eventually) itself in the natural setting is satisfying. And I do continue to see something like a length of kelp (no problem with sea weft, I assume) or a wind broken fern frond and virtually add it to your loom.
    Thanks also for the link to ‘slow cloth’ – resonates.

  2. terri
    terri says:

    Heidi- I can’t wait to see what you weave too! I have been using natural materials (mostly) and others have added in some things when they come by. I have all kinds of other ideas too. If you do a search on my blog for ‘Earth Loom’, you’ll see other posts. This was based on the Journey Loom idea.

  3. terri
    terri says:

    Karen – next time I am down at the shore and see some seaweed (seaweft – I like that) I will bring it up and add it to the loom – so that there is both real and virtual sea life in the Earth Loom.

    Happy Weaving,

  4. Kaye
    Kaye says:

    Thanks for directing me to your wonderful blog – I love the earth loom. Pagan tradition holds that Spring begins at Imbolc, which is 1st February – not that far away. In the UK the quality of the light is starting to change now from winter to spring.

  5. mom
    mom says:

    I wish I were out on beautiful green Salt Spring Island right now to see the crocus and daffodils when they start to bloom. It would be a welcome change from the snow and bare brown trees and minus 20+ degrees! Please add a strip of fresh salal to the earth loom in my name 🙂 ox mom

  6. Franky
    Franky says:

    Hey Terri,Does that scarf ever look unique. Shanon started weaving yesterday and has some really neat designs in mind.

  7. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks mom – I’ll put some salal in for you!

    Franky – glad to hear that Shanon is weaving – I’m sure that she’ll come up with some beautiful weavings – she has such a great sense of colour and design!

    Happy Weaving,

  8. Noreen Crone-Findlay
    Noreen Crone-Findlay says:

    Oh, sigh…. we have feet and feet and feet of snow in our yard…. at least we have all kinds of blossoms on our Christmas cactii in the studio.
    I am so happy that the days are getting longer, and I long for them to get warmer, too…. please put a little bit of paper in the earth loom, with some words of love….

  9. terri
    terri says:

    Noreen – I will happily add some paper into the Earth Loom with some words of love and warmth!

    Stay warm….and Happy Weaving,

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