Curly Q (Project Spectrum – North)

Interesting…most of my inspiration usually translates into weaving these days, but this is the second knitting project that has come out of the first phase of Project Spectrum – green, stones, winter & earth.

I loved some of the patterns of stones and the earthy colours and chose a yarn and a pattern that I thought reflected that (photos on my previous post here).

Curly Q

So, we went for a hike up Mt. Erskine and I took my knitting along. Of course, we had to have some photos of it there – it is such a gorgeous lookout!

Curly Q on Mt. Erskine

Curly Q on Mt. Erskine

On the needles it gets larger and larger and so the circular needles were great. Every stitch is increased every other row – so what starts out with not too many stitches grows and grows. On the needles, you can’t really see what it is going to be like.

Then when it comes off the needles I could see why the name is Curly Q…

Curly Q

We put the scarf on a hook in the arbutus tree that usually has a hummingbird feeder hanging from it…we only had it there for a few minutes, but the hummingbirds were buzzing Alan and wondering where their food had gone….

Curly Q with hummingbird

…we quickly replaced the feeder! Here is a close-up of the design…

Fun to make!

Happy Knitting!

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  1. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks so much Taueret and Noreen! It was a fun scarf to make and weighs next to nothing…

    I am so pleased with the hummingbird photo too – great timing!

    Happy Weaving,

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