Tuesdays with Tara

I wanted to share some of Tara’s weaving with you. Tara has been weaving at SAORI Salt Spring and at home for 4+ years. She takes to heart Misao-sensei’s message of “Weave Every Day”.

We work together at the studio to make warps to keep her weaving – she chooses the most amazing colours…



And the warps are always so lovely and inspiring…


And another …


She also uses some of the SAORI pre-wound warps and does beautiful weaving with them too. Here are her most recent pillows made with the blue-speckled warp…


A couple more things that she’s woven recently…two shawls…


And a belt…


And many other things including clothing. You can see more of her work in my previous posts here.

She has some of her SAORI weaving for sale at:

Knotty by Nature in Victoria
Bespoke in Victoria
Bark, Bath & Beyond in Victoria (where she has handwoven dog scarves)
Embellish in Duncan

Happy Weaving,

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AiR – Reflections

One month flew by with my Artist-in-Residence (at SAORI Salt Spring)!

I had lots of ideas of things that I might do this past month and I’m just looking back at my first post about my Artist-in-Residence.

Some thoughts and reflections….

  1. This was much more about process than product. I thought I would get so many things “accomplished” or “completed” during my AiR, but learned it is much more about process. I did complete some things and at times felt that I ‘should” have more finished pieces. I felt much more relaxed about letting each studio day unfold in it’s own way as the month went on.
  2. Inspiration. It comes in all forms, from all people, from events, and also in the quiet. I have more ideas now than when I started this AiR, so if I thought that this might reduce my list of ‘things to try’ instead it really expanded on the “We learn from each other in the group” part of the philosophy! I have more ideas than ever!!
  3. Sharing SAORI. I’ve had people at the studio 15 days out of the past 31 and loved every minute of it. This is my true joy!
  4. Weaving. I have done a lot of weaving. Not so much sewing (see #1) or the making of things, but the process of weaving has been a big part of my month. I have discovered some interesting things. For example – when I was weaving my “Bobbin Gathering” weaving, I felt a different freedom than when I was weaving on a “precious” silk warp. On the silk warp, I limited my weft choice to silk yarns and fabric, I was more conservative in my weaving. Omoshiroi (interesting)! I really like the finished weaving, so it is all okay and part of ‘weaving myself’.
  5. Warps. I enjoy making warps! I have made many warps this month in all different colours, different widths, lengths, fibres. There is something about this process that I really enjoy. A new warp has so many possibilities! I’m also looking forward to weaving them.
  6. Newsletter. I started a newsletter for information about events, new items in the shop, etc. It has a different focus than my blog, website or Facebook page. I have just sent one newsletter out to the 24 people on the list and if anyone has feedback, please let me know. You can sign up here and can unsubscribe anytime.
  7. Other studios. I had hoped to visit other studios but wasn’t able to do that this month. It is still on my list.
  8. Experimentation. I tried making a ruffle with a technique demonstrated by Kenzo Jo, I wove 6 metres of a silk pre-wound warp, I wove my long bobbin gathering piece with every type of fibre that others had chosen and I enjoyed seeing how others explored fibre and texture in their weaving.

Silk weaving – 6 metres long…

Silk weaving – close-up…

It has been said that it takes 28 days to make a new habit. Well, after a month of being an “Artist-in-Residence” in my own studio – I’m ready for more!

The studio, cleaned up and ready for more weaving…

Happy Weaving,

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AiR – the past week…

Wow – what full and fun days at my Artist-in-Residence!

The past week has seen many visitors to the SAORI Salt Spring Studio. My son and dil (Tom & Tanya) were here for a lovely week of weaving, sewing, visiting and excursions.

Cowichan Bay…


Rawsome Cafe for lunch one day of course…


Also Mami visited for 3 days from Montreal, Tara has been here twice, Lynn was able to visit again, Elizabeth, from Portland, came by to see what SAORI was all about, and Teresa picked up her new SAORI SX60 4 harness loom – and more visitors have planned to come in the next while.

Tara, weaving an obi, and Mami…


Tanya brought along the baby blanket that she has made for a friend. I hope that we will see photos of the babe in the blanket. Here is a photo of how she joined the two pieces to make the blanket – I really like this finish…


Tanya also brought a weaving she calls “Chocolate Mint” – we draped it and tried different types of garments and she decided to base her piece on one of the patterns in the newest SAORI pattern book. What a beautiful and cozy shawl…


Mami visited with Tara, Lynn and I and we talked a lot about SAORI. She shared some of the things that she has woven and she also completed a 6 metre weaving to make into more clothing. With Mami and Lynn we had a mini SAORI kai – which was inspiring! I forgot to take many pictures, but I have many memories!


A highlight of one of our excursions was a trip to The Raptor Centre near Duncan. Tanya did the Owl Prowl and I did a Hawk Walk – so amazing!! I would highly recommend this to anyone in the area…





And of course more weaving was done and new warps made and much good gluten-free, sugar-free food was shared!


Happy Weaving,

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Warps and more warps…

So many new warps have been made at the studio – perhaps a sign of spring and new things.

Here is the baby blanket warp that I made. It’s now on Tanya’s loom and the weaving has started…

baby_warp baby_warp2

When Tracy was here visiting she and Andi both made warps. This is a silk warp that was made into a mobius scarf…

tracy_warp1 tracy_warp2

This green warp has 4 different yarns in it – taken home to weave…


Andi made this white warp for a scarf that she will weave…


Franky made a colourful jute warp…

jute_1 jute2

Tara made this warp to weave some pillows…


I made this blossom warp for the Blossom Festival this weekend…


And SAORI Japan has also created some beautiful new cotton pre-wound warps…contact your local SAORI distributor for more information (

photo 1

Lots of Happy Weaving to come!


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Tara’s Warp

Making a warp

From a basket of colours….

To a warp wound…

To the loom….

I’m looking forward to seeing the weaving!

Happy Weaving,

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Good Fibrations!

Mark your calendars for Sunday, August 21 for: FIBRATIONS – “a community-based celebration of fibre artists sharing their knowledge and enthusiasm for their craft” from 10-4 at St. Ann’s Academy Orchard, 835 Humboldt St, Victoria, BC

Saori Salt Spring and friends will have a vendor table, selling SAORI yarns & accessories as well as SAORI handwoven items from many local SAORI weavers!

All Day (10-4): SAORI demo – come and try out a SAORI loom
All Day (10-4): SAORI yarns, accessories and handwovens for sale
1:30 – 3:00: SAORI Kai

At 1:30 pm we will be hosting a SAORI Kai (a gathering) to share SAORI with a show and tell of our newest creations. All welcome – please bring a SAORI woven piece to show if you have one, or just come and join us to see what all the fun is about – as we learn from each other. We look forward to seeing you!

Oh – and please enter the Loonie/Twoonie auction for fabulous prize from various vendors and participants – including a set of 8 cones of SAORI yarn.

New yarns have arrived in the studio today:

Indigo Set

Multi-coloured set

Cotton Loop yarns – SOLD

Flower Garden set – SOLD

Blue/Green set – SOLD

Yarns are $15/cone – a set of 20 is $250 (including tax).

Purple Cotton Warps (200 threads x 8 m long) – $70 each (including tax)
Note: limited stock

, , ,

Scarves with a Purpose

Sharron Hatelt on Quadra Island has been working on a project this year called W.A.R.P., Weavers in Action Revival Project.

Some aspects of the project will be free handwoven scarves and blankets based on self-assessed need, blankets and shawls for auction at community fundraisers, as well as public weaving to encourage and enlighten folks about this wonderful craft.

WARP Scarves
photo by Sharron Hatelt

Here are some posts from her blog about the progress:
April Scarves
May Scarves
Community Market
W.A.R.P. Update
June Scarves
July Scarves
W.A.R.P. Report
Community Thanksgiving

In total

we raised over $2,000 for charity, and passed out 87 scarves, 18 baby sweaters, and two dozen other knitted items.

Wow – that is so great. Not only that but they were at the market doing much of the weaving showing people what it was all about.


and Happy Weaving,

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Saori Salt Spring Studio