Weaving for Valentine’s

I have a warp on my loom that I call “What was I thinking?”. It is an all white warp made of organic cotton that I put on at New Year’s. Oh, I guess that was it – a new clear start – using organic cotton…

Anyway, I have put it on and off my loom (luckily with the Saori loom I can do that). I wove a couple of all white hand towels – with cotton chenille. Nice and soft, but not very inspiring and so I stopped.

I wove a bit of blue textured yarn and stopped again.

Then I got inspired to weave for Valentine’s. Perhaps it is just that I am liking the colour pink right now (which is very unusual for me until recently). I was talking with my dear friend Noreen not so long ago about healing colours and realized that though blue is my favourite colour, that pink and green seem to be healing colours for me right now.

So why not celebrate Valentine’s day with some pink weaving? As good a reason as any 🙂



I also purchased a “Spring Leaves Textile Pack” from Kaye Turner’s Etsy Shop – which is in greens. I’m looking forward to playing with that in one of my upcoming weavings! I see there is a bit of pink in there too…

Spring Pack

Spring Pack

What are your recent inspirations?

Happy Weaving,

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