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Weaving on the beach

I loved our trip to Telegraph Cove for many reasons (see previous posts here and here). One, of course was the wildlife, another was being outdoors and camping, kayaking and being in nature, and another was that it was a chance to relax, read and weave on the beach!

Telegraph Cove

So, I was reading a book called Everyday Sacred by Sue Bender. In the book the image of the bowl is used many times and ‘what is in my bowl‘ is considered throughout the book. It was a great image to work with and I found many things that reminded me of bowls or the circular shape…

Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove

I wanted to be able to weave while I was on this trip and while the Saori looms are very portable, they don’t quite fit into a kayak. So, I took along my Journey Loom – a portable loom that comes into pieces and fits into a nice narrow bag – perfect for the hatch of a kayak.

Telegraph Cove

So, what better place to enjoy weaving than sitting on the beach watching for wildlife, enjoying the ocean and nature.

And, so what did I weave?

Telegraph Cove

Bowls…..small bowls…

Telegraph Cove

and larger bowls….

Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove

I used a linen warp and organic colour-grown cotton (no dyes used) for the weft – loved the colours and textures of both for this weaving.

The basis for these are also from the book that I got with the Journey Loom, called “Zati: The Art of Weaving a Life” – how appropriate!

I can’t say enough about this short, but magnificent trip!

And now back to some Saori weaving…..

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Sheridan Cass
    Sheridan Cass says:

    I love the pics, and the weaving is way cool…at first I thought it was a picture of a spider crab. So, very organic and alive!
    Really neat. It’s so inspiring to see you creating while in nature.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. karen
    karen says:

    Just caught up with your last three posts. Stunning photos – more than vision is touched by them. And the weaving ….. well! A Journey Loom. I thought Earth Loom could not be bettered for name and function but this is a great contender. What is it origin, I wonder.
    And yes, I agree, that was a West Coast moment.

  3. jeannine
    jeannine says:

    Hi terri, what a wonderful trip you must have made. I just love your bowls . I must thank you for this wonderfull idea. I just returned from the coast of Denmark where i gathered a lot of beautiful pebbles and I was wondering what I could do with them besides laying them in a glasbowl and remembering the wind and the sea as i look at them.I hope you don’t mind if i borough the idea. This is just right for my pebbles

  4. terri
    terri says:

    Thanks everyone! It truly was an inspiring trip….hope to go again next summer.

    The bowl shape was indeed fun to play with – I wasn’t sure what I’d do with the long ends of the warp threads, but like them being a bit wild and organic.

    Happy Weaving,

  5. terri
    terri says:

    Jeannine – I don’t mind if you use the idea – that’s what Saori is all about – learning from each other, getting inspired and having fun. I’d love to see pictures when you’re done!

    Happy Weaving,

  6. mom
    mom says:

    You wrote in ‘comments’ “I have now posted the weaving – you may be surprised!”

    And I was! Who would ever have thought you would come up with Bowls! – in shades of the beach – to hold found mementos from the beach. Truly inspired!

    ox mom

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