Taking a walk…

This past Saturday was a beautiful sunny day and we went for a walk in Duck Creek Park.

Duck Creek

The sun was coming through the trees and lighting up the creek, the ferns and the moss – so beautiful.

Duck Creek

Of course, Alan was doing lots of photography…

Duck Creek

Duck Creek

And here is the creek. In the summer it is more of a trickle, but there is still a lot of water right now – the sounds of the birds and the rushing water. Ahh……

Duck Creek

And the continuing signs of spring are abundant. Here is the skunk cabbage –

Duck Creek  Duck Creek.

Then it was off to Cafe Talia for a Red Latte. A great day!

Well, hopefully I will have some weaving pictures to post this week too.

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Franky
    Franky says:

    Where is duck creek park, sounds llike a great day. Your south weaving has its own landscape, is it morphing into something else

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