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It is wonderful to belong to a community that likes to be involved … Here is a current series of speakers that have been invited to help islanders “Imagine Salt Spring”


Salt Spring Island View


Part of the allure of Salt Spring Island is being isolated, away from populated centres. But to plan for the future, we need to consider the influences of cities around us, make use of experiences of similar communities from BC and around the world and increasingly important, consider future uncertainties.

The Island has just begun an overdue and important Official Community Plan (OCP) review. A limited number of community members are actually involved in the focus groups but the planning for the future of Salt Spring is of interest to all islanders. To assist OCP focus groups and all other interested residents think and plan for our islands future the Institute for Sustainability, Education and Action (I-SEA) is sponsoring a series of talks called, IMAGINE SALT SPRING: Planning for the Future. I-SEA hopes this series will expose the community to new ideas about planning and inspire us to think and plan thoughtfully and sustainable for our islands future. There are three talks in this Speakers Series:

January 25, Sebastian Moffatt will speak on ­ PLANNING FOR UNCERTAINTY: DESIGN CONCEPTS TO SHAPE A RESILIENT AND SUSTAINABLE ISLAND COMMUNITY. Moffatt is an international researcher and consultant on energy efficiency and ecologically based community planning. He is the founder and president of the Sheltair Group in Vancouver. He was the National team leader for citiesPLUS – a collaborative process that developed Canada¹s first 100 years sustainable plan using Vancouver region as a case study.

February 15, Patrick Condon will speak on ­ SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN AN ISLAND CONTEXT. Condon is Professor of Landscape Architecture at UBC. He holds the James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Livable Environments. He has published widely and has lectured at many North American Universities.

March 15, Deborah Curran will speak on ­ PROTECTING OUR GREEN INFRASTRUCTURE. Curran is Founder of Smart Growth BC. Her law firm is dedicated to developing legal strategies for sustainable growth by assisting clients to implement innovative approaches to resource management and development.

All talks will be held at the Community Gospel Chapel at 7:30 – ­ 9:30 pm (doors will open at 7:00) and are FREE to the public. It is a poignant paradox of the modern era that at a time when decisions by leaders and citizens are having increasingly long-term impacts, time frames for decision-makers appear to be shrinking. Can we double our population and be sustainable in the next 25 years? Will the buildings and infrastructure that we are now planning be appropriate for a world exposed to rapid changes in technology and climate? How can we design for the future? Come hear, think, discuss and Imagine Salt Spring.

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SAORI Weaving – A first weaving project

Here is a project that my son created – for his very first weaving project. He wanted to wrap a gift that he was taking to a friend and so he decided he would weave a piece of cloth as the wrapping ‘paper’.

Here is the warp…in the SAORI style, he had some colours and an idea in mind, but just created the warp as he was winding it and threading it onto the loom…

SAORI Weaving - warp the warp…

(Click on images to enlarge)

SAORI Weaving the weaving …

SAORI Weaving the weaving progresses…

SAORI Weaving - sea to sky the finished weaving!

Pretty great wrapping paper I’d say!!

I was so happy and excited to see my son do this weaving. For years, he has seen me weave, but has never taken an interest in weaving himself. He has helped me with warps and knows every step of the process – but never picked up a shuttle to weave. (He does do Kumihimo braiding which he loves). So – other than an inkle band that he made when he was 6 – this is his first weaving…..says a very proud mom!!

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SAORI Weaving Workshop

August 15 & 16, 2007 at Gibson’s Landing, I will be teaching a SAORI weaving workshop. You can get the details for the workshop at Gibson’s Landing Fibre Festival 2007.

Gibson's Landing Fibre Festival 2007

I will also be creating another Peace Banner during the festival for anyone who is interested in participating – both during the workshop and at the festival.

Please register for the course through the Gibson’s Landing festival site or let me know if you have any questions.

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Foamcore Looms 4 – Easy Weaving

The ends of the threads of the warp need to be finished in some way to secure the weaving. The easiest way is to tie knots in groups of threads, but you can also braid them, twist them, etc. These ends can then be used to tie together if you are making friendship bracelets, they could be decorated with beads, etc.

foamcore_img_0567.jpg foamcore_img_0566.jpg (Click on image to enlarge)
Some easy projects are bookmarks and bracelets, but you can also make keychains, ‘mug rugs’ (coasters), chokers, arm bands…..they can be sewn around the cuff of your favourite shirt or across the top of a pocket to add a nice trim – if you are doing this make sure that you use washable materials.

foamcore_img_0522.jpg foamcore_img_0528.jpg foamcore_img_0525.jpg (Click on image to enlarge)
So, for those that were asking, I hope this series helps you. The looms are inexpensive to make, portable and great for group projects and learning the basics of weaving. The finished look depends on the material you use for weaving. Using a thick yarn makes the weaving go quickly, a finer yarn will pack in more and so take more time – but also give you a different look. Please let me know how you make out. I would love to see some projects that you make!

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Foamcore Looms 3 – Easy Weaving

The next step is to weave. I used a blunt end tapestry needle bought at a yarn store – 4 to a package. Cut a length of any yarn that you want to use, thread the needle and start weaving…

Over and under each thread on the loom…

Foamcore loom - weaving Foamcore loom - weaving Foamcore loom - weaving
(Click images to enlarge)

On the next row, over the ones you went under last time, under the ones you went over and so on as you start to weave. Use your fingers, the needle or a simple kitchen fork to press the threads down into place.

Cats and weaving Foamcore loom - weaving

Of course the cat has to get in on the act…wherever there’s yarn, there are my cats!!

So, just keep weaving, changing colors if you want until you are at the other end…

Foamcore loom - weaving

Finishing and ideas for finished weavings on my next post….stay tuned…

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Foamcore Looms 2 – Easy Weaving

The foamcore looms are easy to make and inexpensive. I bought a piece of foamcore board for about $3 and it made over 10 little looms. It is great for projects for groups, for children, for demonstrations, and so on….
Foamcore loom front of loom Foamcore loom back of loom

(click on images to enlarge)

The loom can be cut to any size depending on what you want to weave. Slits are cut along the top at evenly spaced intervals. These looms (shown) are threaded with a black cotton yarn. I have started in the middle of the back and looped the yarn around, securing it in the slots, and then finished by tying it in the middle of the back. The weaving is done on the front of the loom – using a tapestry needle.

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Foamcore Looms 1 – Easy Weaving

Since mentioning foamcore looms in my November 21st entry about the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre in Vancouver, BC, a few people have asked me about the looms. So, I am writing a series of blogs about the looms and how to make them, some things that you can make on them and some step-by-step instructions.

Here is a picture of the pile of looms that I had on my ferry trip over to Vancouver…

Foamcore looms - easy weaving Foamcore looms
(Click on images to enlarge)

It was a dramatic early morning trip over…

Ferry Trip from Long Harbour to Tsawwassen

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SAORI Weaving Book

There is a wonderful book available on SAORI weaving. It has the fascinating history and Zen philosophy of Saori, techniques of warping and weaving, and instructions on how to make clothes from Saori weaving along with some beautiful colour pictures.

SAORI Weaving Book

“Self Discovery Through Free Weaving” was reviewed by Jane Patrick in the September/October 2005 issue of Handwoven magazine. Please let me know if you would like to order a copy for yourself or your guild.
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Walking for Peace

I just read an incredible story about a man, Jean Béliveau, who is walking “around the planet to promote “Peace and non-violence to the profit of the children of the world”.”

WOW! He started on August 18th 2000 and is still walking – for 6 more years!

Now that is dedication to something he believes in! His website has some wonderful pictures of his journey and the children, as well as a map of where he has walked and his future plans.

I read a small article in Canadian Living magazine – and I’m wondering – why doesn’t something like this make the news???

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Many woven scarves

Now that Christmas has passed and gifts have been given, I can post some more pictures of scarves that were woven at my studio in December by students……

Blue Scarves Blue Scarves

Cat in the Hat Scarf “Cat in the Hat” Scarf

Green Scarves Green Scarves

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